Taking Your Classic Car Out of Storage

It’s spring and you’ve likely had your classic car stored for the winter.

You’ve kept it stored for a few months or maybe even years and know what it means to keep your pride and joy in storage for a long time. This is never an easy time for us classic car restoration lovers.

But eventually, the winter season ends, or the time comes to take your car out of storage.

And of course, you want to break free from the storage space and hit the road with your car as soon as you can.

It happens to the best of us and we just can’t help but burst with excitement when it’s time to bring our cars back to life again. Who wouldn’t be extra happy for that?

But taking your car out of storage isn’t as easy as pulling off the tarp and turning the key. In fact, if you’ve told yourself that you are going to remove your car from storage, you need to pay close attention to some things either by yourself or with the help of a mechanic.

Therefore, I’ve gathered few important things you need to consider before you can take your car out of storage. Below, we’ll go over both the internal and external parts of your car that need to be checked (like the oil) before taking it out for a ride.

The Gas Tank

Anytime that you’re getting ready to put your car back on the road, make sure to empty the gas tank of any old, unused gas, and fill it up with fresh, new gasoline to ensure that the engine runs properly.

Your Brakes

Like most other internal parts of a car, your brake are very important. Therefore, you need to check your brake pads, rotors, fluid and lights.  Change the brake fluids if necessary and if any other parts are extremely corroded or worn down, make sure to change them as well.

Front and Rear Tires

It’s easy to check your tires. Tires can be inspected by anyone, but it’s not as easy as simply making sure that the tires still hold air.

Keep in mind that your car has been sitting in one spot for an extended period of time. Therefore, the rubber of your tires might have shrunk or been warped by external conditions.

Be sure to check the air pressure, as well as visually inspecting for cracks, holes, and leaks.


If you are ready to start your car, you must first check the status of the battery.

Since the car has been sitting, it’s not uncommon for you battery to be drained.

If you find that the battery is drained, you can try to boost it or charge it up using a portable charging device. Or, if you find that the battery is no longer any good, simply replace it with a new one.

Getting Your Baby Back on the Road

In reality, the number of parts you need to check before taking your car out of the storage is quite exhaustive. You will also need to make sure the locks are still good so you can do without an auto locksmith The parts listed above are only a few key points to consider before taking your car out on the road. You will also want to make sure you have insurance for your vehicle.

If you have any other questions or concerns about starting up your engine, you might want to consider speaking with a qualified mechanic to make sure everything is in good working order.